19 nov 2015

Can you introduce yourself in a short way ?
Hi I’m Sei2ure.

How did everything start for you ?
Back in 2004 I had my first release on Enzyme K7 with Synapse. I never really intended to start producing hardcore music. But it’s hard to deny now that I did.
I always feel the urge to make new tracks because they might be better than the old ones. It’s a Vicious circle, it never stops. So in short, I haven’t got the idea “everything” has started yet.
I plan to release some new music that might get me started.

When did you last feel nervous?
Regarding gigs, I think a bit of nerves keeps you focused. If you don’t feel any you probably don’t care. I always want to do the best I can. A bit of nerves helps.
In the past I used to do livesets with all kinds of dodgy hardware. That resulted in a few intense moments on stage. That’s one of the reasons why I switched to DJ-ing.
That way, when something brakes at least it’s not my responsibility/fault. That being said, I remember a few DJ gigs where I had no headphone signal because of a crappy mixer.
That makes beat matching pretty exciting again.

What are you up to at the moment ? Any releases ? Remixes ? Secret stuff you want to share with us ?
I’m working on some tunes for releases on different labels now. Mainly 175 and up.
It’s a little early to brag about it but what I can tell is that they are funky, intended for dancefloors and quite loud.
My focus has been on usability lately. If I can’t use my tracks in a DJ-set why make them in the first place?

What would you like to realise or become in your artist career ?
It would be awesome to become the new Beatles or something like that.

Any tips for the younger generation who wants to follow your steps?
Don’t do it. Get out while you can. Start an EDM career or whatever. If you insist on becoming an hardcore artist for some reason: work hard or be smart, get people to help you when you need it and use loud kicks.
Don’t be afraid to do stuff wrong. Oh and you might wanna wear earplugs from time to time. Things can get a bit out of control on stage.

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home ?
Mainly Country & western.

What is your all time music top 3?
Today I might like Amon Tobin tomorrow I might like Pauly-D. It all depends on my mood you know. I don’t wake up in the morning thinking about charts. I also really love bad music too.

Who are your favourite new artists
N-vitral is one of my favorite artists at the moment. He seems to know which buttons he needs to press. He seems too see the big picture.
Good tracks, great on stage. Never forget The Outside Agency either. Their discography is long and good. The reinvented themselves time and time again.
And Dither, don’t know why but I like him..

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