Innovative Rome-based composer, musician, sound designer and producer.

With roots as a classical violinist, he expertly blends electronic and experimental music with compositional nuance, often adding field recordings and words in unique homage to music concrete. Graduated in Sound Design (Istituto Europeo di Design in Roma & Willem De Koonig Academy in Rotterdam), in his free time he studies harmony and composition to write classical themes, and he is always recording noises everywhere to use in his music.

OGM909 debuted in 2004 while organizing lots of free hardcore parties and street parades in the center of Italy with his crew Hardcoreultras, performing his industrial live set with a lot of hardware machines.

Since 2007, as label founder of Avanti Records, OGM909 also releases an unstoppable roster of vinyl, CD and digital tracks. He also released on other labels, like Industrial Strength, Footworxx Recordings, Dead Kitty Records, and many more.

In 2010 he created his own party concept followed the years after by other two: “Creative Response” (2010), “Anarchy in Rome” (2011) and “Concept Zero” (2013) (this last one also comprehensive of the biggest chapter of “Hardcore Italia” party in center of Italy), the most innovative parties for hardcore music in Roma, often based on visual and interactive installations for live performance. These parties, and other parties where he got booked all around Italy, in The Netherlands, Spain & Belgium, give him the possibility to play with all the best djs and producers of the scene.

Meantime he starts working with experimental and concrete music and creates various audiovisual installations, this experience bring him to create in 2013 “Sound2C”: a brand to include all his sound design, cinematic, art/advertising installations and videomapping projects. The same year he also start producing his own band: “Union Drama”, mixing classic rock with dance music and experimental electronic.

In 2014 he starts to collaborate with the master Unexist, and also join him in his project Fail2Comply, an Hardcore/Metal/rap/and more band togheter with Malke & Tooms. In 2015 he releases a sample library called Extreme Frenchcore, released on ISR samples pack.

His most known tracks are “Fuckinbitch” (out on Avanti Records), also remixed by Bartoch, “666” (out on Dead Kitty Records), supported by Tieum, Partyraiser, “New Popcore” (out on Industrial Strength), produced together with A-Kriv and his brand new collaborations with Unexist: “Questa è Hardcore”, "Guns Blazin","Why The Fuck Not" and many more to come...

OGM 909 means : fresh, original and experimental music together with quality now represented by FOOTWORXX!