04 may 2016


Can you introduce yourself in a short way ?
I’m Luxxer, or Rutger for most of you :) I live in Amsterdam with my girlfriend Kim and my cat Fuzz (better known as Bro-cat) and I like to make noisy music!

How did everything start for you ?
Well my dad inserted his… haha just kidding. When I was about 12 years old I started getting into Drum&Bass music, I first heard “The Prodigy” and I was totally sold on the energy and vibe this music had.
My brother at the time was a bedroom dj, so I also wanted to get into the vinyl collecting hobby so I could mess around on his decks when he wasn’t there but with some good music.

At some point I ended up at Thunderdome (2004 or something) and I heard hardcore for the first time, I was instantly sold, the darkness, the incredible volume, the response of the crowd just everything about it was amazing.
I started buying darkcore and Industrial vinyl’s after that experience, as well as still getting a lot of drum&bass however I never played them together in a set.

Then at some point Dj Hidden (total hero) released a record called “Times Like These”, I first heard it at Thunderdome Payback Time (2007) and I was like: YES THIS MOTHERFUCKER TOTALLY GETS IT. My love for both genres intertwined into one sexy beast, sheer awesomeness.

My producing experiments didn’t start till about 2013, apparently one of my friends liked it and said I should send around some demo’s. A label called Noisj picked it up, and the rest is on my Facebook page as they say :)

When did you last feel nervous?
April 30th 2016, Footworxx Germany. I always get nervous, doesn’t matter if I play in front of 3000 or 30 people I always get nervous.
If I don’t get nervous anymore, I’ll probably quit because that’s a sign you don’t give a shit anymore.

What are you up to at the moment ? Any releases ? Remixes ? Secret stuff you want to share with us ?
Well if it was a secret I wouldn’t share it now would I?
I can tell you my new release is done, it will be out on Negative Audio in about two weeks tops! It took a while to release it but it’s close to being released as we speak!
I also got some very cool remix requests I’m working on right now, and a collab with Stolen Cult! (he played it at Hardshock this year)

What would you like to realise or become in your artist career ?
I just want to see hardcore move forward in a positive direction, and if I can contribute to our love in a positive way: I can die a happy man :)
Also, I would love to make an album at some point.

What is the weirdest experience you’ve ever had on a gig?
Well probably the thing that happened a few weeks ago, I went to the bathroom before my performance and as I was waiting, one of the stalls opened so I wanted to walk in but I didn’t see there were actually two guys in there.
The second guy then proceeds to ask me what I want to buy, and I answer: uuhm nothing? He then slams the door shut, waiting for his next ‘customer’.
This guy had quite a pair of balls to actually open up a drug store in the bathroom stall of an underground hardcore party haha, I respect him till some degree for that.

What would be your ultimate holiday destination?
I’ve been to quite a bit of places, but never to the Maladives! I still really want to go there, and just relax and enjoy the incredible nature!
Also the galapagos islands, all the wildlife over there pfff fascinating!

Any tips for the younger generation who wants to follow your steps?
Stay true to whatever the fuck you love to do, don’t alter your style for ANYONE! You can’t fool your fans.
Also: don’t be obsessed with getting a booking, or likes, or whatever! The only obsession you should have is making a better track than your last one ;)

What kind of music do you listen to when you are at home ?
Well a small grasp of the genres I truly love: Hardcore Punk, metal, (oldschool) HipHop, classical, classical piano pieces, jazz, rock, techno, regular punk, grunge, ambient stuff and I LOVE movie scores! My Spotify list is all over the place haha.

What is your all time music top 3?
1. Ophidian - Abandon
2. Star Wars IV A new hope - Binary Sunset (Force Theme) Composed and Conducted by John Williams
3 Soundgarden - Black hole sun

Please note this is my top 3 TODAY, it alters daily because there is just so much beautiful music out there that are in leagues of their own)

Who are your favourite (maybe new) artists ?
There are so many, but some of my greatest heroes are: The Outside Agency, Ophidian, Negative A, Counterfeit, Counterstrike, Cooh, Limewax, Sei2ure, N-vitral, Thrasher, Nirvana, John Williams, Angerfist, Bloodcage, Lucy Furr, Jeff Mills, Laurent Garnier, The Foo Fighters, Sick of it all, Madball, Obscurity, Synapse, Dep Affect, Tymon, Armageddon Project...

The list is just too long, and I’ll probably hate myself later on for not getting a certain name in there haha.

Some of the names people should look out for right now: Existh, Coman Dante, Stolen Cult, Pythius, Karimooo and Djipe. These guys really get it.

Final shouts
Stay in drugs, eat your school, don’t do vegetables!