Sacha aka Insane S , Italian hardcore Dj/Producer from Florence (Italy)

His musical career begins in 2011, that year he entered Gabberitalia staff.
It’s the beginning of the ascent, he starts playing in the best italian parties with well respected artists from the international hardcore scene . He started his career as producer and in 2016 and released on "Take to the floor" on FOOTWORXX with Miss Enemy ending nr 2 on hardtunes chart! In the same year he relased "Never go die" his first solo track , and "Time to die" with Wakizashi.

His productions are supported by artist like: Partyraiser, F.noize, Sandy Warez, Deterrent Man, Chaotic Hostility, Angernoizer, Miss Enemy, Hardbouncer etc.

Stay in Tuned ... is time for Insanity !