Mrs. Siham Chafik, born in Casablanca – Morocco, she arrived in France in 1998, at the age of 18 years, where she discovered the Hardcore scene; having previously been the singer in metal band «Immortal Spirit», she decided to get involved by composing & producing Hardcore music. Her first productions was very successful, and after only one year, she was dicovered by Audiogenic and released her first Ep on Neurotoxic in 2002.

Since last 15 years, Goetia has design her own style. With this single print, she associate her style by mixing hardcore and Terrorcore influences in a butal industrial background. Now, she’s one of the most important corehead who contribute to the french hardcore scene and representing the hardest style all over the world.

In 2004, she creates her own label Dualkore & Elektrokut, and signs artists from the 4 corners of the Earth: Liquid Blasted, Drokz, Akira, Bonehead, Myd1, Pattern J, Tripped, Dj X-Fly, Frazzbass and Destroyer… She cross the boundaries while signing on international labels such as : Noistorm Records, Master of speedcore, Brutal Rage, PRSPCT XTRM, Violent Recording and Strike Records where she sign her 1st album “The virus – hardcore chronicles”.

Over than a hundred, Goetia has performed in European event, underground and more bigger, where she delivers devastating live set, which consists of her own productions, such as : France, Spain, Nederland, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, Bulgaria...In 20014, to score the latest 15 years, she released a new EP, Wild Wild Core – 15 years of Noize, an essential final execution for her passion and her engagement to the Hard music !

At last, her additional wording "RiotGirl" highlights on her skills to create her own music as a women in the music industry, and a disproof against conformism that strips people from their originality, which bring to the sound a riot of colours and her philosophy about her life style. Now Joining the footworxx legion it can only get more brutal!