Original Bad Boy Of Hardcore / Host of Thunderdome Radio / Lyricist / Hardcore / House / Reggae / Hiphop / Rave / Eclectic/ DubStep ...and more

Da Mouth of Madness started his career in 1994 together with DJ Uzi. In 1995 they where discovered by ID&T and from that moment they played at the biggest Party's in Europe. In 1996 they played at Thunderdome 96' and the same year they also played at the Love Parade and Mystery Land.

In 1997 he had his own national TV Show on TMF where he introduced artist like Neophyte, Rotterdam Terror Corps, Buzz Fuzz, Dano, Darkraver and many more. Later that year he asked MC Drokz to do the presentation together.

In 1999 Da Mouth of Madness started his solo career. He was hosting great party's al over Europe and worked with organizations like ID&T , Q-Dance and Art of Dance. He was hosting party's like Thunderdome, Qlimax, Defqon 1, Masters of hardcore, Hellraiser, Qlub Tempo, HouseQlassics, and many more.

He was the MC of Straight on Recordings ( DJ Pila & Luna) made a lot of hardcore and hardstyle records with the biggest Artist all over the world.

Also on an international level Da Mouth hosted some great parties, he performed 4 times at the Love Parade, 5 times at the Street Parade in Zurich ,The Energy Rave in Zurich, Global gathering, and he hosted in Moscow and Saint Petersburg .

Nowadays Da Mouth chooses his parties wisely. In 2008 he did say goodbye to hosting the big stages but recently he had to admit that quitting is not so easy after almost 20 years on stage. That's why you still see him hosting a few parties every year. Besides that, he is still making music.Nowadays he is still hosting Thunderdome radio together with his very close friends MC Justice and DJ Terminal .